Frozen Bowls & Meals CoPacking

  • High-Speed tray sealing machines
  • Fresh, local ingredients when available
  • Sustainable packaging options
  • USDA Inspected facility
  • Gluten Free, Keto, Plant based, Flexitarian and many more options from which to choose

Handheld Assembly

  • Simple, fresh ingredients are combined to make the best Food On The Move
  • Specialize in frozen burritos and sandwiches
  • Clean-In-Place production lines
  • Gluten Free capabilities
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging option to provide maximum freshness
  • Liquid Nitrogen spiral freezer
  • Utilize our GoodSammie brand or your own
  • Mockingbird Team ready to create customized, delicious, on-trend menu items

Thermoform packaged sandwiches

  • High-speed¬† thermoformer
  • Automated sandwich assembly
  • From wedges to wraps to subs – we can pack it all
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